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Batteries, bilge and shore alarms in your phone!!!

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Service battery bank onboard

¿Are my boat's batteries ok?...

¿Are you going offten to your boat or yacht only to make sure that all your systems and batteries are OK?

¿Whould you like to have a simple and easy to use device onboard thats going to send you an SMS whenever something is wrong?

We have the device!

Our BOAT Alarm System, monitors up to 3 battery banks, 1 bilge and shore power. If the alarm senses an unusual voltages, bilge activity or lost AC from the marina, you'll receive an SMS to your cellphone.

Yacht ready and safe

Relax for €29/mth!

If you have a boat or yacht, here in Mallorca, Spain. And you want the make sure that she's alright. Get your alarm system installed, connection and maintenance included.
SIM card and TAX included!.